Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Geolocation Fix for Worldwinner Games

What?  Worldwinner shows my IP geolocation as a restricted state.  Here is a geolocation fix for WorldWinner games.  I personally have been a cash playing member of Worldwinner for over eight years now and I must say that I was very disappointed that I wasn’t allowed to play anymore due to my IP geolocation. I was shocked because I have been playing there for so many years, from the same state and city, with no changes; just to find out that my geolocation was now showing up in one of their restricted states. This wasn’t true. I was in Mississippi, not Tennessee, or any other state.  I didn’t know how to fix this problem.

I contacted support at WorldWinner, and they promptly sent me an email back, saying that I must change my dynamic IP into a static IP and my geolocation was in a restricted state. WorldWinner also sent me link to their Terms & Conditions.  I decided to do a little research on this issue, and I came up with a great fix.

First I went to Google, and typed the words (my IP address) in the search area. After that, I typed (my IP geolocation) in the search area. Then that’s when I seen it. It was telling me that my geolocation was in Tennessee.

After chatting with AT&T, I started to understand what went wrong.  Evidently I had issues going on with my high speed router and never knew it.  I was aware that the DSL lines were being worked on somewhere, and my router turned Red for a few seconds.  But it came back Green within a few minutes.

I never knew that when your router gets reset, it automatically gives you another IP address.  I rebooted the router and searched at Google again for my IP address.  It changed! Then I searched my IP geolocation, and it was right again.  Now I have the proper geolocation, that is acceptable for WorldWinner.

* Tip

Always check your IP geolocation before playing any cash games at WorldWinner.

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